July 13, 2014

Blackboard Services

Need help with the installation of Blackboard Learn for your institution? What if you don’t have the resources to build a development server for your company? Do you want to move your Blackboard Learn development instance into the Amazon Cloud? I can bring my expertise to assist or complete these problems. References available on request.


Blackboard Installation Consulting & Support – Access to me via email, phone, or video call (on site is optional) to assist and consult with your team on an upcoming Blackboard Installation. Work is based on a per hour basis.

Blackboard Learn Installation – Installation on your hardware using an OS of your choice. (Red Hat or CentOS are recommended, but can support Windows and Microsoft SQL.) The finished product is the Blackboard installation of your choice with your license key and system administrator passwords to all products provided. (Ask about SSL certificate installation)

Blackboard Learn in the Amazon Cloud – Using EC2 and open source resources, your Blackboard Learn license will quickly become an AMI that you can run within your own EC2 cloud environment. Provided are all passwords to the applications, keys, and startup and shutdown scripts for the application and database. (Ask about SSL certificate installation)