Latest Online Technologies to Enhance Teaching

This one hour course reviewed the technologies offered to the college community that would enhance the instruction of learning objectives to students in college courses. The session was offered to instructors during the college’s pre-service. Documents from this presentation – Handout documents from this presentation unavailable.

Utilizing Compressed Video

This one-hour course was presented individually to professors scheduled to teach compressed video courses. This course covered practical use of Tandberg equipment, including cameras, touch screen controls, video, dvd, and computers. Participants also learned specific rules for developing content via compressed video delivery. This session was presented multiple times as needed.

Upgrading Blackboard

This one-hour course instructed the university community on changes and planned upgrades to the Blackboard Learning System. Topics included: archiving/exporting a course, scheduled down-time, removal of digital drop box, and examples of changes planned in the upcoming release. This session was presented thirty times at multiple sites.